Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Painting my own diptych (without the hinge) artwork. Begin.

 Remember this picture here with my fun pinwheel painting.
Well. Look at the other side with my cheap knock off art.
It has faded in the sun for the last 11 years 
(although I think I bought them in Florida well before that).
There are two of them and since I put that bright colorful painting up,
those panels have annoyed me like something else.
So. I'm doing something about it starting today.
I don't know how long it will take 
but finish I will!

 I no longer have my own craft room
(since a year from October)
because of daughter #1.
Occupier that she is
(and I mean that in the least political way possible
because she does in fact, occupy a room in our home).
So, I take any space I want to or that I can find.
 Flowers from our anniversary last Tuesday. Still beautiful.

 These are the two panels together but I am mostly painting them separately.
However, I want them to relate to each other. Somehow.
 We have the contractor and two other construction workers taking over the basement.
The whole house is in a state of disarray 
but I am taking over this peaceful and sunny corner of my kitchen!
 Cheap brushes.
I took this picture this morning with my phone.
Yes. I do think I love that miniature edit button.
Love LOVE LOVE it!
Here is some blog inspiration:
Inspired indeed. Love the painted artwork.
More inspiring painted artwork. Love!

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Kim K. said...

Can't wait to see your latest project. You certainly have a lovely room (and furry company) to be inspired by. Best wishes with the construction crew.