Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine is 15 Months Old.

We got to babysit last night.
She was SOOOO much fun!
Really really really!
She makes me so happy!
Even when I was thinking about how happy she makes me
my heart burst and it brought tears to my eyes.
She played and played, ate dinner with us,
had fun with Aunt Sheyla,
tried to get Uncle Davis's attention
and played and played some more.
She fought hard to go to sleep 
(even though she was so very tired)
so we had her on the bed in between the two of us
(so she wouldn't fall off the bed).
We both would talk softly to her
and we would listen to her and smile.
We would put her blanket on her
and rub her back.
She would lay down and then sit up, move around 
and talk or be silly
and then put her head back down again.
Over and over again until she finally fell asleep.
Me, Jeff
(and the two dogs,
oh, how they love her too)
and little Miss Rian.
Jeff then gently lifted her with her blanket
and carried her to her little bed, set up in the room.
I gently covered her with the blanket and we all left the room.

I just read one of the most amazing blog post about Motherhood here.
(I found it here at this sweet sweet blog)
This sweet moment with Jeff and Rian,
I knew in the moment,
was one of the best kairos moments
and that's why I wanted to document it,
to freeze time, to better remember or to capture it for all time.
I am one of those annoying but well meaning older women
(I naturally and frequently say the wrong things to most everyone),
so maybe I will say this, from now on,
"Carry On, Warrior!"

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Kim K. said...

What a beautiful post. She will treasure this someday...knowing how much she is loved. Be sure to save it for her. Hugs.