Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Snow.

It snowed and snowed on Monday.
We didn't let it get us down.
We laughed as we threw our head back
and said to ourselves that it wasn't going to hold us back.
We drove with abandon down that slick and snowy hill
(not really....he drove slowly and luckily we have all wheel drive).
We pressed on, we did, to the place that's called a mall.
We decided right there on the very spot 
that we, all four of us, would go to the cinema
and enjoy a technicolor marvel 
to rival the monochromatic scenery that is called a snowstorm.
And so we did.


Kim K. said...

What gorgeous pictures. I think your snow is headed our way. Predictions for a snowy weekend are on the forecast. I hope so. Our sledding hills are looking bare again.

Minted Magazine said...

Love the snow. Sigh.

Minted Magazine