Thursday, January 5, 2012

I think this is a good time for New Years Resolutions!

Ellie, the cat, looking in the window

Beautiful flowers Jeff gave to me yesterday

My Every Year Resolutions:
Pray morning and night
Scripture reading every day
(these are sometimes more difficult than they appear)

Add to my This Year (2012) Resolutions:
Work up to 100 push ups and sit ups a day
(I'm starting with 20 and it may take me all year to work up to this and
To be more realistic: except Holidays and Sundays)
Loose 25 pounds
(changed from the 30 pounds I was thinking,
I am trying to be realistic but push myself too)
Work out 4 times a week

Cook More at Home
(I am even thinking something crazy like:
I may even try a new recipe once a week)

Be More Creative
(maybe next year I will have specific goals
like take a picture every day
and two projects a week or something amazing like that
but I am trying to be real here, like)
A Finished Project Every Week
(that may have to be adjusted, more or less)
Take More Photos
(and sign up for Instagram when I get my iPhone
that's coming in the mail!) 

Read more books
(for someone that loves books I have been so lacking in that department this year
although I did read some pretty great books,
I really want to read more)

I LOVED these post about resolutions:
This is just a good quote.

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Kim K. said...

Gorgeous flowers (beautiful cat). I'm right there with you on the working out goal.

Best wishes and hugs!