Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Recipe #2. Creamy Tomato and Lentil Soup.

This one may be cheating just a little
(because it came with the seasonings all measured out)
however, I had to chop up vegetables including an onion
that made my eyes water and water.
That counts as cooking in my book.
I don't read a lot of cooking blogs
but sometimes people that I follow will show 
some amazing and exotic dish they just whipped up.
The other day on one of the blogs I follow,
her 9 year old daughter cooked up a beautiful something something to eat
which convinced me that I am qualified to take 
Cooking for Dummies classes.
Now I know that we can't all be gourmet chefs
and that we all have different talents.
I have a neighbor that a year or so ago admitted 
she has never made a dessert from scratch.
I adored her even more for it.
I really just want to be a better cook and try new things, so don't judge harshly.

This soup was so yummy.
Jeff said sweetly that it was some of the best soup he's ever tasted
as he gobbled it up
(now don't go over board on my behalf but it made me happy just the same).
Sheyla doesn't like tomatoes and didn't seem to eat much of the soup.
Davis wouldn't even try it.
I had two bowlfuls
and I will have left overs for days.
We did have juicy steak and a vegetable tray too.
So, nobody in this house is in danger of starving.

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Kim K. said...

That soup looks amazing. We are HUGE soup eaters at our house. Josie would eat soup 3 meals a day if I'd let her. It's not uncommon for me to give her soup at breakfast. I used to think it was because the first 21 months of her life was at an orphanage and that was a familiar texture, but now I think she just really like soup.