Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some things I like...

 More than half of my house is in chaos because of the flooding, cleaning and eventual rebuilding. I am showing only three parts that are not in chaos.
Although, the paint sample represents a room in part chaos because I have been trying colors on my walls for months. This is close to the color I'm almost 99.5% sure about for the walls in my bedroom. It's not a very good sample paint job but it gives me a good idea about what it may become.
 This is the bedside table I got for Jeff's side of the bed awhile ago. It is almost exactly (boy, I was lucky to find it) the same as the one on my side of the bed but a little more manly. I LOVE them both.
 I love our sunroom but it makes me sad that it is so dang cold in the winter. It isn't heated nor is it insulated but some times when we open the indoor doors to the sunroom and put a space heater in it, it heats up rather nicely. I wanted to be able to use the room at Christmas time because we can't escape to the basement because of the mess down there (remember the flood---well, it's cleaned up, walls partially torn apart and furniture is all over the place and soon it will be all put together so for now, we really can't use the downstairs). I bought curtains at Target right before Christmas.
Frodo looked like he was posing for me so I had to keep this picture. 
My windows are still dirty.
We still need to cover that junction box.
 I  got a cute table cloth at Target.
Carry on.

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Kim K. said...

Just think of the decorating possibilities!! Love the attitude! Sunshine definitely makes everything better.