Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Recipe #4. Sesame Stir Fry.

 Sunday night dinner we had most everyone over.
I also made Fried Rice (yummy)
and some chicken thing from Sams Club 
(that wasn't so good).
The Sesame Stir Fry turned out well.
Lots of vegtables.
Yummy with a kick.
 I said, "Cheese". Silly kids.
I said, "Be happy like a Party!".  Really silly kids.


Anonymous said...

I want recipes! That looks yummy.

Love Melissa (Parnell - aka your little sister)

Kim K. said...

Looks yummy! I cheated last night for CNY and ordered take out. Sesame chicken is our favorite. Great pics.

Britni Wing said...

I want some more.