Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to reality.

We played around for two days. I can't keep that up for long, no matter how much I may want too. I came back to: tons of laundry, kids that don't pick up after themselves etc. etc., brown grass, messy animals, a barking dog (she wants attention), a daughter who is getting married in 9 days (even though we don't have much to do--do you realize the emotional toll that has on a mother?) and just LIFE.
I was so saddened yesterday to learn that an old friend (from high school era/I also worked with his wife about 16 years ago--or something like that) got a divorce in December (obviously not a very close friend). It still, made me very sad. I know that marriage is hard work and not always so easy.
My sister is sick with Sarcoidosis which is a rare disease. We stopped by to visit her. She is in a lot of pain and doesn't feel well because of the pain and the medicine she has to take. She also has very little energy to do much. She had it a few years ago and it went away. But it came back and it's hard to predict. She has to sleep or lay in bed much of the time. It makes me sad for her.
It ALL just reminds me not to take things for granted and be grateful for ALL my blessings and abilities (no matter the limits).
Some things that made me happy to come back to: a lovely home (no matter the condition), children (no matter the foibles--they are good, talented and amazing kids), a loving-hard-working husband (no matter the things that annoy me), laundry (we have clothes and many towels and linens, did you know that some people in the world have only one outfit), adorable animals who love me no matter what MY weaknesses are), a wedding to look forward too (we have an adorable and kind future son-in-law who adores my daughter), a persevering missionary daughter and the ability to go on such amazing adventures in a beautiful, wonderful world!
We found an awesome, perfectly cut and weathered log in the canyon yesterday. So, Chris suggested we take it home (I asked the ranger at the ticket booth if it was legal and all right to take home). Chris had rolled it over to the truck and this morning, rolled it over to this (picture) area of the garden. The log replaced a broken down old wooden chair (that almost disintegrated today). I do love that log and the fact that it was free and that it will remind us of a great day in American Fork Canyon. If I ever get around to it (and the money), I'd love to put a beautiful large round planter, dripping with flowers on top of it. But for now, the mosaic bird house that I made, will do just fine.

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