Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Randomness of Wednesday.

Look what we pulled from our garden! We are going to have a plethora of zucchini!
I know my house isn't as cute as the cute and stylish homes I see in magazines and the ones I see on many of the blogs I like to follow. But I love my home anyway. In our basement the previous owner had a very large wood workshop. We didn't have the money to finish it but we wanted to use it as a family room. So, we painted the cement walls and floor and many years ago, my husband put up corrugated metal sheets on the ceiling (I was trying to come up with an idea that was different and cheap and since then, I have seen the same thing a few places on tv). This is just one corner of our basement. There is only a window in the door in the family room. I found an old window and shutters. My husband secured it onto the concrete wall. I want to get that piece of mirror (leaning against the wall in the corner) cut and put it into the window. I like it!
This is the little hallway just off the stairs in the basement. To the right is the family room, to the left the bedrooms and bathroom, and straight ahead is the walk out to the messy area of our garden.
Last night Ellie, the cat proudly brought us a beautiful bird to the door, it was alive but barely (maybe she thought Sunny got away and she was bringing our errant bird back to us).
Britni and Adam get back from their honeymoon today. I hope they had an amazing, marvelous, and wonderful time! We probably won't hear from them till Sunday. Britni said she was turning off her phone till then.
Today I am going to take my motorcycle riding test (finally). Really, it's just a small scooter. I can't extend my permit any longer. Wish me luck!
I did say it was Random.

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