Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day!

These pictures are from the Pioneer Trek that I went on last year. I was on the medical team. There were about 157 adults helping with hundreds and hundreds of youth, ages 14 to 18.
For many reasons, many people participate in reenactments of the pioneer trek. I do know this: I would NOT have made a good pioneer. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It was over four days and a total of 27 miles. I rode in a van with a "patient" for about 3 of those miles. So I did get a really good taste of what this trek was all about. But, we also had to help kids and adults that were hurt, sick, or just having a hard time. I know the trek was only a small example of what those real pioneers went through. I admire and appreciate them more now than ever.
I think of this trek occasionally and I have thought that it is a metaphor of life. Boy, life is hard sometimes. There were many people that cheered us on and that really helped us as we walked, pushed or pulled those carts. It really helps to have people close to us to help us make it through life. Sometimes things are so hard and we still have to go on, no matter how tired we are. Sometimes in life, we can have fun and enjoy life! We must appreciate those precious moments. Mostly, I know I can do hard things. I also really appreciate indoor plumbing and hot showers!

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