Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three more days or that's a lot of magnets!

We are still working on magnets. It started out that the magnets were too big for the glass gems. Then we got bigger glass gems and smaller magnets but not enough of either. We have other things going on so we'd probably be done by now but we found out that you have to put on the paper first and let it dry for hours before we put on the magnet. Like I said, it turned to be more work than I bargained for.
After Davis caught the bus this morning I watered the plants and Jeff vacuumed upstairs. Then he helped me water the plants (like I've said, I have a lot of plants). Then, we met Britni at a dry cleaners that happens to have two seamstresses who worked a miracle in the sides of her wedding dress. She tried it on today to see if the change worked. It did. Long story short--After the place we bought the wedding dress, altered the dress and Britni got the dress home Britni realized that it was almost impossible to zip up the back of the dress, without two people actually zipping it up. Hence, asking for an alteration at the dry cleaners within days of a wedding. The dress is fixed now and that is what matters.
Then Jeff and I took off for Ikea to buy Britni and Adam a bed, table and two chairs. It turns out that their kitchen is super tiny and needs a tiny table. We then came back and met Adam at the darling one bedroom apartment. Jeff helped Adam set up their bed, two chairs and Adam later put together their table. I picked up lunch for the three of us.
Then we rushed back home to meet Davis's bus at the mailboxes (road construction) and bring him home. Then I took Davis to the Orthodontist. Jeff went to help Britni move some of her stuff to her new place, buy a top sheet for their bed (I only grabbed a bottom sheet) and he bought some more magnets.
Chris met with an Army recruiter today (just to talk--we'll see). I took Davis to guitar lessons. The house stinks. I watered both gardens. Jeff has a meeting. We still have more magnets to make.
Jeff has been great!

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