Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop and leather cuffs (bracelets but more manly).

Davis and I went on a few errands today. The main reason to go out was to purchase leather belts at DI for Davis to make leather cuffs (Chris helped a friend last Saturday sell leather cuffs that someone made with belts from DI so now Davis is obsessed with cuffs and any kind of bracelets because he wants to sell them and make money).
After lunch we stopped by this darling bakery (I had heard about it awhile ago from a cute blog and have since been wanting to check it out). Davis got a large peanut butter cookie. I got a yummy strawberry shortcake cupcake! It IS really, really good! The Bakery is in South Provo right next to Hogi Yogi. Wow, dangerous.
We then went to find the supplies to make said cuffs. But since we have been home, frustratingly enough, the snaps don't work on thick leather. So I checked online with the Tandy Leather Company and ordered snaps specific for leather. We will try again later.
We also went to Home Depot to get some tan paint for Davis's new room. Britni's old room is the most beautiful shade of purple but Davis does not need nor want purple. I am using the same black curtains. I am going to use an old Target quilt from years ago. I am going to paint an old desk that's been in the closet (another project for another day). Davis is going to have a new room and vintage leather cuffs, soon.

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