Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two more days or almost reaching the breaking point.

These pictures show how amazing Britni is. Britni said, "Tomorrow I can say, I'm getting married tomorrow!"
Today, I shed a few tears and almost broke down but I pulled myself together.
Some of the things that led me to near breaking point:
Davis's teacher calling right before I needed to be at an activity at a near by park for a bunch of girls ages 8 to 11.
Why Davis's teacher called me.
Attending activity even though those girls are adorable and I got a good walk.
Finding my bathroom a mess because son came home from helping haul hay and took a shower and left shoes full of hay and his dirty clothes on the floor.
Same son calling from Marine recruiters office requesting social security number.
Having to wait a half an hour for Davis's bus and it is 92 degrees outside.
In-laws coming over (even though they are not staying at our house and my mother-in-law is helpful and kind).
Almost done with hundreds of magnets.
Another son giving me a hard time about the program that he is in at school (that has been a very challenging decision and process) and complaining about our roll in getting him there (I know, sometimes, that is the way life as a parent goes).
Getting a call from missionary daughter because she is having a hard time.
Getting a call from mission presidents wife explaining why daughter is having a hard time.
Getting my hair dyed.
Needing to still buy a dress for the wedding (tonight Britni helped me find the perfect dress--now I just need to loose 30 pounds)!
My daughter's getting married in two days!
It's not all bad, things are getting better, son cleaned up bathroom, game plan is in place for many errands and jobs for tomorrow, helpful family, I get to spend time with Britni tomorrow and Britni is getting married in two days!
We can do this!

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