Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life moves on....

Davis was a trooper throughout the wedding day: Wearing a handsome suit, all day, on a hot day, hanging out with people he didn't know while waiting for everyone to get out of the temple, cooperating for pictures, cooperating for a family luncheon, meeting many people at the reception, helping take many presents to the car and then helping take presents to Britni's room.
Jeff's dad gave Davis some used golf clubs this weekend. Davis has been wanting to try them out at the driving range. So, to somewhat bribe him to not complain about school and bribe him to cooperate about going to school and to reward him for a job well done; I told him yesterday, I would take him to the driving range so he can hit some golf balls. So, I did and he did.
A large bucket of balls is $6. Davis was happy. He hit at least one ball 225 yards.
I got him a drink at the grill.
He told people about someone who has the longest ever golf drive: Michael Austin who hit a 515 yard ball. He loves to find out lots of different information and share it with whomever will listen. He loves to ask questions. He has a very curious mind and it never stops. He keeps me on my toes. I love and adore him too.

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