Thursday, July 16, 2009

Letter Day!

Sheyla has been struggling some more. Boy, missions are hard. She is persevering and hanging in there.
In relation to this picture, she wrote, "Here's me and my gecko friend I found while I was tracting. He was BRIGHT ORANGE!!! Neat-o! Don't worry, I let him go back into the wild!"

Neat-o is one of the many cute little words that IS Sheyla.

By the way: I passed my motorcylce riding test. I do have some bragging rights in the fact that it took Jeff two times to pass. I must add in his defense, that my scooter is smaller than his scooter and therefore makes it easier to pass. Still, I passed!

And. Britni called yesterday saying that they just landed in Salt Lake City safely. They had an amazing time in Costa Rico (did I mention he bought plane tickets BEFORE she had a ring)! They will be coming over for dinner tonight and opening presents! Fun!

And. Chris is attending a volley ball/BBQ with the Marines and possibly turning in his papers. Yikes!

And. Jeff is having a hard time getting into the groove at work after having the whole week off last week. Poor guy. He was a huge support to me and I know I'm a lucky girl!

And. Davis is done with Summer school tomorrow.

And. We made reservations (Davis and Chris will be coming) for a hotel in August to go to Yellowstone (not much of a camper). I am so excited. I've never been and have wanted to go for ages! After all, I'm 43.

And. It's a beautiful and hot day and I have a ton of things to do today!

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