Saturday, July 25, 2009

Silly boys and Pizzeria 712

We had a few errands today. So for lunch we went to Pizzeria Seven Twelve. Wow! Yummy Pizza! Jeff and I both have heard great things about it so we took the plunge. He works with someone that tried the pizza somewhere yesterday at Taste of Utah Valley (I think it's called that). I heard about it on a cute blog. It really is great pizza! We got the plain pizza (there is nothing plain about the taste and it's not really named that). We also got the pizza with the corn on it. I've never had pizza with corn on it, but WOW it was good! It probably had a lot to do with the bacon on it (it did have other yummy things on there too)!
There is a huge real brick oven.
We asked the waiter, "Why is the name 712?" He matter-of-factly replied, "Because that is the temperature it takes to make the pizzas."
Really, you must go.
Jeff ordered a Coca-Cola that is bottled in Mexico (he said he got the same ones in Guatemala, years ago on his mission). After a few minutes he smiled and said, "I love that feeling of warm goodness!" There was ice in his cup so I know it wasn't warm when he drank it, but he explained that it gave him a warm feeling inside. I thought that was cute!
320 South State Street #185 Orem.

It really is THAT good!

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