Monday, July 13, 2009

More wedding pictures and no kidnapping!

The day sailed by, almost without a hitch. The first one was on the way to the temple. Britni had to be there by 11:00 am. We were making good time. Then, the groom called to say he forgot Britni's wedding band at their apartment, "Can you stop by and get it?" He was more than a half an hour away himself. So, even though it was a bit out of our way, we went. Britni wanted her wedding band. We were only about 9 minutes late. It didn't make the ceremony late, so it worked out. She was a little annoyed but Britni was very cute about making jokes and being a good sport.
They got married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. Beautiful! It was one of the sweetest ceremonies I've ever seen!
The second faux pas that Adam did was that he forgot (this is well after the ceremony and family lunch) his wedding band when they came to the reception. He had to drive back to their apartment (luckily it was just minutes away) and realized the ring was in his pocket. It was and is very funny! I did not see Britni get flustered once on her wedding day! She was more than happy!
Me, on the other hand.....I did mostly well through out the day. Except, when we got to the reception place we had to park the cars and we each had things we needed to bring from the cars. My job was to carry the frame with the metal sheet (with the 364 cute little magnets) and the seven branches for a darling photo tree. After I made it through the parking lot, across the street and after passing through the big glass doors---the metal part, proceeded to fall through the frame onto the floor where more than half of the 364 cute little magnets scattered onto the floor. Luckily, there was a big rug that broke most of the fall. There were four very nice people that helped me pick up all those magnets. My face was dripping with sweat (it was a very hot day) and I was close to tears but managed to keep it together and call Jeff to come down and help carry the stuff upstairs. It didn't ruin the night, I was just very flustered while we were trying to set up the entry way pictures and decorations. Luckily, we didn't have much to decorate because the reception place was beautifully set up. The flowers were perfect! The food was perfect!
It was a fun, sweet and lovely reception! Britni and Adam were adorable! Hundreds of people came to celebrate with Adam and Britni. The reception seemed surreal to me. It went by in slow motion for most of the time.
One of the great things that didn't happen was Britni didn't get kidnapped! We had two plain clothes police men there the whole time. They were very professional and watched Britni like hawks. They also said that if anyone kidnapped her before the reception and brought her late, they would be arrested for a felony and go to jail and if they kidnapped her at the reception, they would be arrested and go to jail. I think it was a deterrent. Britni made sure that Adams family was warned. Either way, she didn't get kidnapped! She was able to enjoy the whole day and we had Britni at the reception the whole time! Just like we've always wanted!

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Mo said...

Glad to see everyone has a sense of humour. Everything looks lovely.