Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rooster Dumpling and Noodle Bar.

Friday, Jeff handed me Thursdays newspaper with a tiny blurb about this restaurant. He said, "I want to go here". So we did, for dinner. I was a bit nervous about the word dumpling. Well, I needn't be. Dumplings are just like potstickers. Davis wolfed down Shrimp dumplings. He also had most of the dessert. A chocolate lava cake. Jeff and I had only small hot spoonfuls. Wow! So yummy!
So today I met my friend, Susan, at Rooster Dumpling and Noodle Bar. We shared 6 Pork and 6 Beef dumplings and grilled vegetables. We also shared the lava cake. YUMMY! We talked and talked.
I met my friend Susan in Florida about 16 years ago. We had a couple of our kids that were the same age. She was pregnant with her youngest and I was pregnant with my youngest. We had kids in Joy School (a co-op like preschool), although in two different groups but occasionally the two would meet. We only lived in Florida that first time for 6 months. We were fast friends. When we moved back to Florida the second time we had kids in the same Joy School. This time, we only stayed in Florida one year. But it was the third time we lived in Florida, this time for 3 1/2 years, that we became very good friends. We again did Joy School, this time with our youngest. Then, the next year, three moms taught and were paid and three other moms just paid the money for preschool for a total of six kids. I was one of the moms that paid and she was one of the moms that taught. She is an amazing teacher, mother and person.
Her daughter and my son ended up in the same kindergarten class. We had fun going to the beach together, going to an opening of a local mall, going to movies together and talking together. Our families went camping together (maybe once in Florida and once in Utah). Our families swam together and played together. She has five children and I have four. She is just a few years older, but much more wiser than me. Years ago, we moved back to Utah and just about a year later their family moved back to Utah. We live on opposite sides of the valley. Her husband worked for a time with my husband. Her two daughters-in-law used to work with my husband and now her son-in-law works with my husband. Our lives may be forever linked in unique ways but I will always be grateful for this dear friend that accepted and embraced me and my family at a time when I desperately needed friends and today, shared a chocolate lava cake!

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