Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July! Part 2.

It was very hot but at least we were in the shade and found a good area for being late. Britni and Jeff were trying to look miserable. Silly kids.
I still like parades even though almost each year I question why I like them so much.
Remember, Jeff LOVES BYU!
Payson has a great bagpipe band. One of our favorites!
Of course, there are fireworks at night. We have never gone to the Stadium of Fire but most years (that we have lived in Utah) we have gone to the field across the street from the hospital (at least the family did, if I was working).
Britni went to the parade with us and had lunch with us. Chris had other plans today. For most of the day, it was just the three of us. I do miss having every one together. Someday, there will be more family and sometimes more people can celebrate the day with us. That thought makes me happy. For now, this will do.

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